September 2, 2013#

How do you like your ads, fast or good?

Big Wig from holding company:  Speed is our competitive advantage.

Copywriter:  What happened to great work?

BW:  We’re changing the paradigm.

CW:  You’re telling clients we can do it better faster?

BW:  Exactly.

CW:  But good work takes time.

BW:  Not anymore. It’s a digital world.

(BW exits)

Art Director to CW:  How can we be expected to do great work when we don’t have time to think about it?

CW:  Work longer hours.

AD:  I’m already working 60, 70 hour weeks. My kid hardly recognizes me.

CW:  It’s the new paradigm.

AD:  Fuck you.

CW:  Listen, clients will demand good work… eventually.

AD:  And in the meantime?

CW:  It’s a digital world. Try FaceTime.


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