September 8, 2013#

If at first you don’t succeed…

Swimming from Cuba to the Florida Keys, a distance of 110 miles, is an astonishing achievement. Diana Nyad did it at the age of 64 without a shark cage. It was her fifth attempt.

The first time, at age 28, eight-foot swells stopped her. The second time, at age 61, strong currents, shoulder pain and an asthma attack brought on by jellyfish stings ended her attempt. On her third and fourth tries, box jellyfish stings which “feel like you’ve been dipped in hot burning oil” stopped her. Box jellyfish cause more deaths each year than shark attacks.

When she announced her plans for a fifth attempt, few people were optimistic about her chances. Beset with fears, nausea and exhaustion, her mantra was “find a way.” Good advice for long distance swimmers. Great advice for copywriters who throw up their hands at the first hurdle. No one said it was going to be easy.

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