September 25, 2013#

Your brand is not a logo.


I work for a brand experience company, aka design agency. We help businesses define their brand and use our design and copywriting skills to reflect it. We have pretentious titles like Brand Artist (Designer) and Brand Navigator (Account Executive). But we know image isn’t everything.

No matter how hard we try to portray a brand in the materials we produce, it only goes so far. The rest – sales, customer service, product development, quality control – is up to the client. If the client doesn’t hold up their end of the bargain (and it can be like herding cats), it’s all for naught.

Your brand is the living, breathing expression of why you do what you do. It’s the walk, not the talk. Advertising, point-of-sale, packaging and design play an important part in reinforcing your brand values and refreshing them in the mind of the consumer. All things being equal they can give your brand a competitive advantage. Just make sure your product or service lives up to the same standards.

Image from Things Real People Don’t Say About Advertising


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