January 1, 2014#

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The first time I was asked to email a copy doc to an account executive I did it reluctantly. I could feel the control slip away as I hit return. I started in advertising in the stone age, pre-computer, when copy was presented to clients on letterhead and treated with some respect. If changes were necessary, the copywriter did it. Not the client, nor the account man.

But now, an uneasy feeling surfaces whenever I send copy to the designers and account handlers I work with because it’s so easy for them to change it. In an instant, sentences can go from good to bad. Whole paragraphs from other brochures are reenlisted for duty, replacing the original because the former has already been approved by the client. Nevermind that they are ill-suited for their new role.

Readers, who are the only people that matter to advertisers, get frustrated and turn away. But because it’s expedient, some people I work with continue to do it. I don’t know if they recognize the difference or don’t care.

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