February 7, 2014#

There’s a reason it’s cheap.


sign reads "day old bread only 50 cents"

A friend and colleague of mine is leaving the agency for greener pastures. I know she’s been frustrated by the lack of variety. When you work on the same account over a long period of time you can get stale. I think it’s good to work on different accounts at the same time. Working with different partners helps to keep a fresh outlook too.

If I were a client, I’d want my agency to have a roster of companies doing business in several categories. Ideally, your agency would offer both deep category knowledge and fresh thinking. But if forced to choose between the two, there’s no contest. Knowledge can be gained. Fresh thinking is hard to come by. It’s what separates the good work from all the dross clamoring for attention and cluttering the environment.

Photo:  Flickr, Creative Commons license

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