March 3, 2014#

What’s love got to do with it?

Recently I attended a presentation where the speaker asked, “What brand do you love?” A few hands shot up in the audience.  “Chipotle,” someone said. “Nike,” said another. The speaker was scanning the room like a Terminator looking for a fresh change of clothes. I avoided eye contact, panicking because I couldn’t think of a single brand I loved. Like, maybe. Prefer, even. But not all-or-nothing love.

I admit, I do like my iPhone. If I’d bought one instead of having it given to me as a work perk, I’d probably be more committed because I’d be invested. And I do like my Mac. I’ve been typing on them since the 1990’s. I’d be very unhappy if I had to use a PC at work. So maybe my problem is one of semantics.

I’m definitely on board with the Apple brand. Call it love if you like, but here’s the thing. Apple makes great products. Every ad, instruction booklet, package and store is faithful to the brand and consistent in design and tone. They’ve stuck to their core values and identity year after year. God, it seems so simple. Why then is it so hard for so many clients to do?


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