February 6, 2015#

Pitch was a bitch.

I wasted a week and a half recently on a pitch. Our much bigger sister agency was asked to pitch a digital project for a client of our much smaller design shop. We knew the client and the products. We knew the customers. But it wasn’t our pitch, i.e., we weren’t in the driver’s seat. The journey covered the following stages:

  1. Excitement – I get to work with a smart, talented, genuinely nice ECD. Cool!
  2. Wonder – Do we really need all of these people? Who are they? What do they do?
  3. Disappointment – ECD hates my copy though he puts it more delicately than that.
  4. Joy – Hey, he likes something. My ego steps back from the ledge.
  5. Confusion – What does he want? Why does he keep changing direction?
  6. Frustration – You mean I’ve just wasted a week when you could have told me nothing happens until after the manifesto?
  7. Exhaustion – Work late nights and the last weekend before the pitch because the account/digital/social/media team needed two weeks to rewrite the client’s brief and come up with a plan.
  8. Resignation – See with hindsight that the plan would require way more money and time than the client could afford with no guarantee of success.

I hate losing but I hate doing work I don’t believe in even more.