February 23, 2016#

Pink Slip

I was reminded recently how precarious agency life can be. One day you’re working overtime to meet your deadlines. The next you’re staring at a timesheet with too few billable hours. Clients come and go, and if you don’t have accounts to replace them the hammer can come down swiftly and mercilessly.

I remember during the last recession a copywriter named Eric Proulx started a website named Please Feed The Animals to help creatives get back on their feet. I thought it was incredibly generous of him to give up his time to build and run the thing because he was out of work too. I also remember a streak of indignation that ran through some of his posts – as if the agency that laid him off should have supported the creatives in bad times as well as good. Wish it worked that way but if you’re expecting loyalty, join the Boy Scouts.

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